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This customer called because he noticed that the area of their home that was furthest from from the AC unit was considerably warmer than the rest of the home. We sent a System Designs Specialist to the home to inspect the attic. The specialist, Ross, found that there were many gaps and penetrations in the ceiling between the attic and home that would allow conditioned air from the home to escape into the attic. He also found that the air ducts had many gaps as well, allowing conditioned air from the ducts to escape into the attic. The attic also needed more insulation, because the current insulation did not even cover the floor of the attic.

To address the air leakage issues, we sealed all gaps and penetrations in the attic with expanding spray foam insulation. We then solved the problem of air leaking out of the air ducts by encapsulating the ducts with closed cell Tight 'N' True Foam. After sealing all air leaks, we finished the attic with 8.5 inches of blown in TruSoft Cellulose attic insulation. 

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