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Olympic Restoration Systems offers foundation repair, basement waterproofing, radon gas mitigation, fire, water, smoke and mold damage cleanup in Arlington, TX. For a FREE, no-obligation estimate, please call 1-844-810-7398 or click below!

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Not only do we adhere to the highest industry standards, but we strive to be the leaders in the home improvement, disaster restoration, basement waterproofing, radon gas mitigation and foundation repair business. We use state-of-the-art products and technology as your local Basement Systems and Supportworks dealer, which are designed to provide long-lasting, durable solutions to your home.

Services we offer in Arlington:

  • Flood water cleanup
  • Water removal
  • Complete fire, water, mold and smoke damage restoration
  • Commercial and residential home mold removal and remediation
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Indoor humidity control
  • Foundation and structural repair solutions
  • Foundation crack repair
  • Foundation stabilization
  • Helical and foundation piers
  • Foundation leveling and underpinning
  • Foundation and basement wall repair
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Radon inspections
  • Radon testing services
  • Radon mitigation systems
  • Indoor air quality services
  • 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects on foundation products
  • Financing available
  • FREE written estimates and inspections
  • Fast and efficient installations

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An apartment complex’s Corporate Office called Olympic Restoration Systems after they had radon testing completed on one of their complex’s in Arlington, TX. After they had the testing completed, it was determined that the property needed to be treated for radon gas in 3 of their apartment units.

Once Olympic Restoration Systems was contacted, we sent a Specialist to the complex for an assessment and to provide the Corporate Office with a quote for the radon mitigation system that they needed for the complex.

Case Studies From Arlington

Crawl Space Remediation in Arlington


The exposed dirt in this crawl space created such a humid environment that mold was growing along the subflooring. The homeowners wanted to have the...

Job Stories From Arlington, TX
Mold Removal in Arlington, TX

This homeowner had mold growing in his closet, as confirmed by a licensed mold inspector. The mold inspector wrote a mold remediation protocol, which the homeowner sent to Olympic Restoration Systems. One of our Licensed Mold Remediators, Darrin, analyzed the protocol and performed a free inspection and the property. Darrin gave the homeowner an estimate, and the homeowner proceeded with mold remediation from Olympic Restoration Systems.

Mold Removal in Arlington, TX - Photo 1Mold Removal in Arlington, TX - Photo 2Mold Removal in Arlington, TX - Photo 3Mold Removal in Arlington, TX - Photo 4Mold Removal in Arlington, TX - Photo 5Mold Removal in Arlington, TX - Photo 6Mold Removal in Arlington, TX - Photo 7
Mold Remediation in Arlington

Humidity in this crawl space caused mold growth and mildew in this crawl space. The homeowners called in our team to clear away the mold and control the humidity.

We installed the CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation system to control the humid vapors that rise from the grount. We then applied Mold-X2 Cleaner and Botanical to clean and prevent mold growth.

Crawl Space Remediation in Arlington

The high humidity and collecting water in this crawl space made it less than ideal for doubling as a storage area for this family. They called us in to decrease the humidity and control the water problem. 

We installed the CleanSpace crawl spapce encapsulation system as well the SmartSump pump system to move moisture out of the area.

Crawl Space Rodents Arlington TX

These homeowners kept having issues with rats in their crawl space. Pest control recommended they seal it off to stop the problem. They contacted our company to help. Using CleanSpace matting, CleanSpace liner, a sump pump, and dehumidifier, we encapsulated the crawlspace to protect the home from moisture build up. We then used an EverLast door to seal the entryways to the crawl space. 

Basement Humidity Arlington TX

Tired of high humidity levels in the basement, this homeowner contacted us for help. We installed a SaniDry XP Basement Air System which is designed to perform in extremely damp environments, such as basements. The SaniDry XP removes 10 times the amount of water from the air as a typical dehumidifier, while using the same energy to run. The water drains from the unit automatically so there's no need to empty it like a conventional dehumidifier. This homeowner was happy to have their basement humidity problem taken care of. 

MoldX Treatment in Dallas, TX

Sometimes other companies call on us for help. This was one of those. 

During a remolded. mold was discovered on the exposed wood of this home. Our team was contacted and immediatly went to work. In each room, we removed the potential mold from the affected wood, treating it with MoldX stain remover, and then treating it a second time with MoldX Botantical disenfectant, leaving a mold-free environment. 

MoldX Treatment in Dallas, TX - Photo 1
Mold Remediation in Arlington, TX

A homeowner began noticing a strange odor in her house when it rained. After a plumbing leak occurred in cabinet below her kitchen sink, she observed spots of mold and had her home inspected. 

The Olympic Restoration team was contacted to eliminate the mold. After removing the appliances and setting up a containment area in the kitchen, the team extracted the wet drywall and insulation, disposing of it. To clean the area, they used an EPA registered antimicrobial solution and HEPA vacuum. 

Mold Remediation in Arlington, TX

A Homeowner in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, concerned with the large patches of unsightly mold in their guest bathroom, called the Olympic Restoration team for help.

The team accessed the situation and worked quickly to contain the area. While filtering the air using a negative air fan/air scrubber, they removed the affected baseboards and drywall. Using an EPA registered antimicrobial solution, they wiped down the entire bathroom and HEPA vacuumed the contained area. No one should have to deal with mold in their home and it was our pleasure to set this homeowners concerns to rest.

Mold Removal in Arlington

A Texas homeowner began to notice strange stains developing on her bathroom shelves and adjoining closet. Concerned it might be mold, she called the mold remediation team at Olympic Restoration.

Upon inspection, mold was visually detected in the bathroom, along the baseboard perimeter of the closet, and on the carpet. Olympic Restoration removed the affected areas, cleaning with an EPA registered anti-microbial solution, and HEPA Vacuum, restoring a safe and clean environment for our homeowner.

Crawlspace Encapsulation Arlington, Texas

This Crawl space was holding excessive moisture which led to mold accumulating. Our company came in and performed a complete mold remediation within the crawlspace. Once the mold was removed we installed a CleanSpace encapsulation system, which is designed to keep the area moisture free. No moisture means no mold!

Work Requests From Arlington, TX
Project Location: Arlington, TX
Small garage box caught fire and burned over night. Type a fire burned clothes in a box and part of the wall.
Project Location: Arlington, TX
Water is leaking into the basement on the floor
Project Location: Arlington, TX
Looking for blown in insulation estimate for existing home. Also, will need a couple of large areas blocked up in order to keep rodents from accessing home attic via a connected patio roof area. I work outdoors most of the time, so PLEASE leave a voicemail so that I may return your call as soon as I'm free. Thank you !
Project Location: Arlington, TX
Looking for estimates on crawl space insulation and vapor barrier.
Project Location: Arlington, TX
Project Location: Arlington, TX
Interested in quote on radiant barrier for underside of roof rafters.
Project Location: Arlington, TX
Crawlspace vent screens damaged or missing.
Project Location: Arlington, TX
Crawl space encapsulation 1500 sqft
Project Location: Arlington, TX
Project Location: Arlington, TX
My AC continues to run to cool off son room and freeze other parts of house, do yo no insulation in the attic located in his closet.
Project Location: Arlington, TX
Quote for radiant barrier on attic ceiling
Project Location: Arlington, TX
Just need to stop outracious electric bill
Project Location: Arlington, TX
I need my crawl space encapsulated. It is a 1,100 sq foot home.
Project Location: Arlington, TX
Radiant barrier install quote, sq footage single story 1792sq foot. Please email quote
Project Location: Arlington, TX
We've positively identified mold growth within our home and have already had a mold assessment performed by DTech Services confirming and extremely high concentration of airborne mold spores (Penicillium / Aspergillius.
Project Location: Arlington, TX
Excess humidity inside home. Water in crawl space after a big rain
Project Location: Arlington, TX
75% humidity in crawl space.
Project Location: Arlington, TX
I have a 1927 home that currently does not have an insulated crawl space. I am interested in a quote.
Project Location: Arlington, TX
Flood last night in Arlington broughtonly an inch or so of water in - but it's all carpet and laminate.
Project Location: Arlington, TX
Do you sell CleanSpace vapor barriers? I have a 1,000sqft crawlspace I'd like to install the barrier on myself.
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