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Great mold remediation results without wall removal or replacement

This office had an issue with mold on the exterior surface of the wall.  It was treated with GM6000 mold remediation formula and looked like it was new immediately afterwards. This saved the owner from having to remove and replace their existing drywall.

Mold Remediation in Bullard, TX

Customer experienced damaged floors and walls from Mold Growth. We were contacted to perform the Mold Remediation. Photos of Bedroom before and after the services were performed. 

Encapsulating A 1 Foot Crawl Space

Before we could get started encapsulating this crawl space, trenches and ditches had to be dug to allow access for our team and duct work. 

Mold Removal in Dallas, TX

Our customer was having an issue with mold growth due to moisture. The moisture had come from condensation that their freezers that had created. Over time the condensation seeped into the walls and mold began to multiply.

We came in and quickly removed the effected drywall and wood. We dried the area and prepared it for new drywall to be installed. Now the Customer has a healthy, non toxic environment! 

Mold Remediation in Mesquite, Texas

When a family in Mesquite, Texas, experienced a plumbing leak in their bathroom, they did not expect the extent of mold growth the leak would cause. A mold inspector was brought in to assess the situation, supplying the family with a mold remediation protocol. They then contacted the team at Olympic Restoration Systems to remove the mold. Due to the wide spread coverage of mold, the light fixtures, mirrors, toilet, sink, counters, cabinets, baseboards, tile, and dry wall would need to be removed as a part of the remediation process.

Our team arrived and began to work quickly. Setting up a decontainment chamber, they used a negative air scrubber both in the containment are and outside the containment area upstairs. After cleaning what items would be salvageable and removing all affected materials, they HEPA vacuumed the exposed wall and ceiling cavities before HEPA vacuuming the entire contained area. Using an EPA registered antimicrobial solution, they cleaned the exposed cavities. The surface was then sealed with an antimicrobial paint after they received a successful clearance result. The HVAC ducts, boots, and air registers were also cleaned, HEPA vacuumed, and had an antimicrobial solution applied to them. It was an unfortunate event for this family to experience such extensive mold growth but our team worked fast to restore their home and leave them with the confidence it was once again a healthy, comfortable environment. 

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