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What can I do to make my yard drain water better?

Many people notice that they have drainage issues in their yard during periods of heavy rain. The best option to remedy the situation is to call in a local landscaper. In many cases landscapers can install drainage systems in your yard to address the water back up.

However, in some circumstances the water can become too much for the drains to handle and our services are needed to keep any additional water out of the crawl space or basement. In the event that the drainage system installed by your landscaper isn't enough to fix the issues someone from our team can come review your situation and propose a drainage solution for the issues underneath of your home.

What is the most accurate statement about wet basement?

A wet basement can cause mold growth and lower the value of your home.

What to look for when inspecting a crawl space?

Signs of crawl space issues may include: Dirty, damp crawl space insulation, fiberglass insulation on crawl space floor, standing water or wet areas on crawl space floor, insect or rodent pests in crawl space, rusty metal surfaces, cold floors above crawl space in winter,  visible mold or mold smell in crawl space, rotted wood.

Who to call for water drainage in my yard?

Olympic Restoration Systems specializes in moisture control. The phone number is 888-756-5967

Who to call to inspect crawl space?

Olympic Restoration Systems specializes in crawl space moisture and mold. 

Why use vapor barrier?

A vapor barrier helps protect the home from moisture, water vapor, and allergens by separating the earthen floor from the home.

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