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Should I Put A Dehumidifier In My Crawl Space?

Should I Put A Dehumidifier In My Crawl Space? - Image 1

Crawl spaces can be nasty, moist, musty-smelling areas if not properly conditioned. The original idea for crawl spaces was to place vents open to the air around the crawl space walls to allow outside air to circulate in, drying the crawl space. The only issue is, crawl space vents do not work. They do allow outside air in, but this outside air actually creates more moisture, rather than drying it out. This moisture leads to humidity, mold growth, musty odors, and warping hardwood floors throughout the entire home.

Since crawl space vents obviously do not work, many people decide to place a dehumidifier in their crawl space. The idea is correct, except the vents in the crawl space need to be closed off first. If you place a dehumidifier in your crawl space without sealing the crawl space vents, you are essentially trying to dehumidify all air inside and outside of the crawl space, which is impossible. 

The solution to crawl space moisture issues is to first seal off all outside air into the crawl space. Next, a drainage matting and vapor barrier need to be installed on the ground of the crawl space to seal off all groundwater seepage. The crawl space will also need a sump pump to pump water out of the crawl space. And finally, a dehumidifier needs to be installed to make the crawl space a dry, conditioned area.

Once this process is complete, the crawl space is protected from the elements, which prevents all of the issues associated with crawl space moisture. Here are some before and after pictures of crawl space encapsulated by Olympic Restoration Systems.

Before and After Crawl Space Encapsulation

crawl space encapsulation in Denton, TX

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