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How To Fix Cold Floors

Monday, November 1st, 2021 by Tori Saffell

how to fix cold hardwood floors

An unfinished crawl space is basically a big, uninsulated hole under your home. If the crawl space has open vents or block walls, then unconditioned air is constantly circulating under the floors of the home. This means that if it is cold outside, then the air under the crawl space will make the floors inside the home cool. This not only makes the home an uncomfortable temperature, but it also is a huge expense on monthly energy bills. Unfinished crawl spaces will cause the HVAC system to run more frequently to keep the home at a comfortable temperature, wasting money on energy bills. 

A full crawl space encapsulation system will keep homes more comfortable, increase air quality, and make homes more energy efficient. Our encapsulation system includes closing off all outside air, which not only helps the temperature of the home, but also keeps moisture from accumulating under the home. We will install a liner, condition the space, block off the vents, and insulate the walls of the crawl space. 

The most helpful home improvement project you will invest in will be finishing your crawl space. To schedule a free crawl space inspection and estimate, call 1-844-810-7398, or explore our website for more information.

Crawl space encapsulation before and after

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