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Crawl Space Repair Before & After Photos

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Crawl Space Remediation in Boyd, Tx.

Very dirty, smelly and unmanageable crawl space in Boyd, Tx before encapsulation. 

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Detroit, TX

This customer called asking for some assistance in getting a crawl space encapsulation for his home. They were having obvious water issues in their crawlspace. Their crawlspace was very wet, all over, and they had water pooling in many areas. The entire crawlspace was all wet, and very muddy. They needed a remedy for this issue. This crawl space clearance was only 2 feet high and had 2,600 sq ft that needed to have an encapsulation.

Olympic Restoration Systems was contacted for an assessment of their crawl space. We visited the property and proposed a quote to the customer. They proceeded with a crawl space encapsulation for their home.

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Point, TX

This customer called stating that he believed there was mold in the crawl space. He not only wanted the mold removed, but also wanted us to encapsulate the crawl space to prevent future mold growth. We sent our first available System Designs Specialist, Ross, to the property for a free crawl space estimate. Ross inspected the crawl space and found evidence of moisture issues. Ross presented a solution to these issues to the homeowner, and the homeowner accepted the proposal. We then sent our professional team to the property to complete the crawl space encapsulation.

Crawl Space Remediation in Sherman, TX

This homeowner called after he found mold and dry rot in his crawl space. We sent one of our System Designs Specialists, Darrin, to the property for a free crawl space encapsulation estimate. While inspecting the crawl space, the homeowner mentioned that he wanted his subfloor redone, because it had not been done correctly. Darrin found evidence of moisture issues in the crawl space, and presented the homeowner with a solution to keep the crawl space dry. He also gave the homeowner an estimate for removing the current subfloor and rebuilding a new one properly. The homeowner accepted and proceeded with a full crawl space remediation and subfloor construction from Olympic Restoration Systems.

Encapsulating A 1 Foot Crawl Space

Before we could get started encapsulating this crawl space, trenches and ditches had to be dug to allow access for our team and duct work. 

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