Case Studies

Crawl Space Repair Case Studies

Cold, Wet Crawl Space in McKinney, TX
This homeowner was concerned about the cold air and musty smell in their home, which they assumed was coming from the crawl space. They called our team to help.
1 Foot Crawl Space in Beaumont
A homeowner began having issues with mold growth in their home. It was discovered that the humidity was caused by their crawl space. We needed to install a vapor barrier,...
Crawl Space Repair in Athens, TX
This homeowner called stating that she was concerned about a moisture problem in her crawl space. She stated her crawl space felt humid and would occasionally have standing...
Wet Crawlspace Concerns in Rockwall, TX
This customer purchased a new home and did renovations. They replaced the floors and after a year noticed their new wood floor was cupping and buckling. After some research,...
Crawl Space Remediation in Heath, TX
This customer called and stated that there were many insects coming up through the floor of their pier and beam home. He stated that someone had attempted to encapsulate his...
Crawl Space Remediation in Wylie, TX
This customer was referred to us by a family member who had their crawl space encapsulated by Olympic Restoration Systems. He was concerned that there was a moisture problem...
Crawl Space Encapsulation in Prosper TX
This home in Prosper Texas had a sump pump that was no longer working properly thus they were still experiencing dampness and cupping of their flooring. 
Crawl Space Mold Prevention
A homeowner noticed a musty smell in their home which seemed to be coming from the crawl space. The team at Olympic Restoration Systems was called in to help. After accessing...
Crawl Space Insulation in Plano, TX
A homeowner was upset because of a musty smell in their home. Suspicious the odor was coming from their crawl space, they called in the team at Olympic Restoration Systems...
Crawl Space Remediation in Frisco, TX
This customer called and stated that she had about 3 inches of water in her crawl space after rain. She believed it was all groundwater and was fearful that mold would grow....
Crawl Space Remediation in Frisco
These homeowners had not updated their crawl space drainage system in years and knew that after a season of heavy rains and flooding, it was probably time for an update. They...
Mold Issues Beneath A Home
A homeowner went on vacation and when they came back, they noticed a musty smell in their home. Searching everywhere, but unable to find the source, they looked beneath the...
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